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Sewing - Pattern Cutting, Drafting Software

Sewing - Pattern Cutting, Drafting Software

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How to make a PDF Pattern using Photoshop || Step by step from sketch to print

How to make a PDF Pattern in Photoshop || Part IIII - Shwin&Shwin

Pattern Drafting Software | Cloth Habit - a blog post discussing software for making sewing patterns at home.

Drafting Patterns with Software • Cloth Habit Browser based pattern making software. Can be used in any modern browser with Flash player 10 or more installed. (***First 14 days FREE - after that it is a paid subscription: Software is entirely online, no need to download or install anything. You can use the system download as a PDF. (Pinned on 18 June 2014)

  • Afromavazi Couture
    Afromavazi Couture

    please advice me where and how do i print the patterns??

Using Illustrator for pattern drafting

Dixie DIY: Starting an Indie Pattern Company Pt. 2

Free download of My Pattern Designer pattern software. You can print bodice, pants, torso, and casual blouse slopers customized to your precise measurements in the free version. [LIMITED DEMO VERSION ONLY]

My Pattern Designer - Download full program or demo
  • Fabi Gérard
    Fabi Gérard

    Thanks! I'm downloading to try it out right now :-)

  • Claire Sew-Incidentally
    Claire Sew-Incidentally

    ^You're most welcome :)

  • Arif Budiyono
    Arif Budiyono

    i will try this software. thx b4 :)

  • Paula Patterson
    Paula Patterson


Pattern Hack! Short Sleeve Mathilde blouse

Tilly and the Buttons: Pattern Hack! Short Sleeve Mathilde

PAD Pattern Design

PAD Pattern Design | PAD System

[PatchWorkEditor] is a demonstration software based on Microsoft Windows Presentation Framework WPF Technology. Despite the limited functionality we hope it can be of use for creating and printing patterns. Using the Trial Version of PatchWorkEditor is free of charge.


Pattern Drafting Using Adobe Illustrator: Brief Overview

  • Luficarius Ratspeed
    Luficarius Ratspeed

    Wow, thank you for pinning this :) I'm going to be making more of these in the future that get more in-depth with the theories behind pattern drafting for men.

PWStudio 3 Software Trial Disk. $20.00 30 day trial.

PWStudio 3 Software Trial Disk

Best Software for Pattern Making - A blog post by

Sewing And Style Den: Best Software for Pattern Making
  • Sylvia Stevenson
    Sylvia Stevenson

    Pattern Master Boutique Pattern Making is easier to use.

  • Sylvia Stevenson
    Sylvia Stevenson

    Everybody doesn't have a CAD and plotter at home.

Pattern drafting! :) A whole series of posts to drafting your own patterns. Plus a link to a post on how to estimate yardage for your own patterns. NICE!!

ikat bag: Drafting - An Epilogue

QUOTE: "PWstudio3 is software for anyone who wants to create professional patterns for garments or sewn textile products. .... It is easy to use because we based it on Flat Pattern Design and manual Drafting methods. It is flexible, intuitive and inexpensive… perfect for any sewn textile product entrepreneur, the costumer or designer, the independent pattern company" UNQUOTE

Software | Pattern Works Intl, LLC

[PatchWorkEditor?] QUOTE "ABOUT: PatchWorkEditor is a demonstration software based on Microsoft Windows Presentation Framework WPF Technology. Despite the limited functionality we hope it can be of use for creating and printing patterns. Using the Trial Version of PatchWorkEditor is free of charge." UNQUOTE


'PatternMaster' Pattern Printing Software by . PatternMaster is a line of five software programs that automatically draft custom-sized sewing patterns to your measurements. [Pattern Making / Cutting / Drafting software.]

Wild Ginger Download Center

"Pattern-Making Calculator" from pattern.stringcod... (FREE software download). Pattern-making Calculator is a unique calculator specially designed for pattern-making purposes. * It always shows numbers in decimal fractions and simple fractions. * Easy conversion between Metric measurement unit (Cm / Centimeter) and Imperial measurement unit (Inch). * Easy operation with fractions. You can enter fractions with buttons. * Large and easily read buttons and displays.

Pattern-Making Calculator

'PDS - Pattern Design Software' by OPTITEX. (Industry software) software tools designed for drafting new patterns or editing existing pattern pieces. [Pattern Making / Cutting / Drafting software.

Pattern Design Software | Pattern Making Suite

Industry software (from : pattern making / cutting / marking. A genuine multiplatform pattern & marker making software for apparel industry.

PAD Demo Center | PAD System

"Fashion CAD" (pattern making / cutting / drafting / designing software). Accurate pattern making software for perfect fitting garments. An integrated suite of software including pattern design, grading, detailing, marker layout and CAD drafting. A practical and affordable pattern making software system ideal for home based or commercial businesses.

Leena', the tutorial and pattern drafting site for 'PatternMaker Drafting Sofware' for PC (as in my other pin here: Tutorials, pattern drafting instructions, sewing instructions and sewing projects.

Leena' PatternMaker Tutorial Web Site

Link to free demo of "PATTERNMAKER Software" (for pattern making / cutting / drafting). Quote: "PatternMaker is: a full-featured CAD program with all the tools you need to draft anything from scratch—just the way you do on paper, only faster! Clothing, Lingerie, Menswear, Bags, Bridal, Home Dec, Animals, Dolls, Costumes, Quilts all can be drafted easily in PatternMaker." unquote. See also Leena', the tutorial and pattern drafting site for this software in this in here:

'Marvelous Designer 2' Pattern Making / Cutting / Drafting & designing software. Demo Videos here: www.marvelousdesi... .

Video & article about Susan Spencer Conklin and "Let’s go open-source with digital patterns making"... interesting article about the possibilities of developing pen-source pattern making / cutting / drafting software to... QUOTE: "enable individuals and small labels designers to enter the market with lower investments costs and local markets would flourish more easily being able to share and exchange knowledge." UNQUOTE

Let’s go open-source with digital patterns making
  • Claire Sew-Incidentally
    Claire Sew-Incidentally

    Different link to the same video on YouTube here: .

  • Claire Sew-Incidentally
    Claire Sew-Incidentally

    Another link:

  • @ohmonmames

    Hi, is there any recommended pattern making software that compatible with mac system?

  • @ohmonmames

    I am interested to make a swimwear business, but i've been always using mac. i've been doing my research but i still can't find a good software for mac.

  • Kim Francis
    Kim Francis

    The open-source sounds awesome. Thanks so much for all your information on pattern-making software. Will research them all before committing

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