This was too !much. And I had to suppress my laughter. It's one am.

Totally worth it Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow

Funny tumblr post

If I can hear the ocean it's time for a clean bra

Actually me. When we do the mile on gym imma bring my phone (cuz we're allowed to listen to music when we run the mile) and just blast Fall Out Boy and Panic! And scream the lyrics that nobody else can here cuz earbuds and crap and look stupid

I wish my gym teacher played actual good music. Even if it wasn't Fall Out Boy, just about anything was better than what they played. (Although I mean, Fall Out Boy would have been awesome)

I seriously had an awful day and this made me laugh so hard

you absolute fucking walnut. can we just reflect for a moment on this insult?

It sounds so lonely though. I am an introvert, but I get lonely sometimes when I have no one to share my dreams with. My ideas. Even if I don't do it anyways, it's nice to have the possibility of someone to talk to.

Not today.((heard you say, not today... tear the curtains down windows open now make a sound))

Not today.((heard you say, not today. tear the curtains down windows open now make a sound)) <<< the clique is everywhere

Oh sure, blame the bat.

This is terrifying. lol

I've looked into the eyes of satan and he was wearing a off sale earl grey cardigan. Get the rock salt and lighter fluid and call the Winchesters!