Grilled Cheese Wheel Recipe

Grilled Cheese Wheel

Grilled Camembert Cheese Wheel - Brush Camembert rind with olive oil, and grill cheese directly on oiled grates over indirect heat until warmed, about 2 minutes per side. Serve immediately with grilled baguette slices.

Gâteau aux abricots fondant - Recette - Marcia 'Tack

Gâteau aux abricots fondant

Gâteau aux abricots fondant - Fondant cake with apricot- Recette - Marcia Tack

Tablette de chocolat Patrick Roger

I wish all chocolate bars looked like this. Maybe I would not want to eat them.

Petits choux au saumon : choux apéritifs au saumon, choux à la mousse de saumon

Pimpez les traditions du repas de Noël

I am planning to make my Granny’s homemade cream puffs; what is the best way to store them? And, how long does home made vanilla stay fresh?

Blinis au saumon

Blinis au saumon

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