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Disney princess zombies....kind of creepy but Awesome! how great would it be if all the girls dressed up like this for Halloween.

This ring of Queen Elizabeth opens at the hinge to reveal an enameled portrait of her ca. 1575 and that of an unnamed woman dressed in Edwardian clothing. It may be her mother, Anne Boleyn.

Saddam Hussein’s Gold Guns

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gold Luger

Elvis' gold-plated Barretta



Gold Chain Gun by Paul Moore, via Dreamstime

Home / Kokusai Colt Python 8inch 24k Full Gold Finish Model Gun

The Museum with the Golden Gun | The RiotACT

Pimp My M-60 » The Unwanted Blog

Gold Guns Girls - Good Charlotte

Morgan Tiffany Chart of Precious Gems, 1921


Medical illustration of the human skull painted directly onto a head by makeup artist, Lisa Berczel, for the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show in Los Angeles.

Early mourning jewelry such as rings and pendants with skeletons or skull and crossbones reflects Memento Mori or As I Am So Shall You Be. The earliest depictions of these items are thought to go back to the late Middle Ages during the virulent plague known as The Black Death. This plague was a catastrophic pandemic that swept Europe beginning in 1347 and killing millions of people. It is thought to have inspired images reminding the viewer that death comes to all regardless of their station ...

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Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck

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