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Fave Apps

I love my iPhone. A little too much.

Fave Apps

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Social Revolution. Read the manifesto:

Ello is coming.

Social Revolution. Read the manifesto:

Ello is coming.

SR80i headphones - like!




rock melt

draw something

kids and I are totally addicted ...

zombies chase you, and you go faster!

reddit enhancement suite RES, baby

Clear iPhone case with scrapbook paper or photo backing

private browsing. take that, google! bugger off, facebook!

Clear ... simple, simple list app! I only wish ... I could add to the top level. Or go just one more deep .... I'd love to have a list of "restaurants", then the names of the restaurants, then the favorite orders for each family member .... 'cause I have no mind, see? I want the phone to do all the remembering for me! :D

Hmmm, why are so many of my fave apps for white noise? This one is great, too. LOVE!!! Use it at work lots....keeps me in my happy place so I don't go off and kill the poor customers.

Zombies, run! Can't WAIT to try this!

Not an app, per se, but I've found some awesome things here, and helped fund a few, too! Like Zombies, run! woooo!

I love this app.

Oink! rate the things you like best - like a sandwich - rather than just the restaurant.

iphone wallet



White Noise

Angry Birds