Glass Beach, Kauai

HAWAII: Glass Beach, Kauai, love this place, tiny tiny smooth pieces of glass, used to be a dump and the tide washed the glass out and back in over the years.

On beach time! Driftwood with seaglass. I want to make this!

Driftwood and beach glass clock. Arts & crafts for the Lake House on Lake Erie at Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

Sea Glass

Wonderful bright hues seaglass Create the look of elegant sea glass on any piece of glass using Elmer's glue and food coloring! (Photo via Sea Glass Painter)

From a beach in Nova Scotia.

Ultimate sea glass from Nova Scotia~The SEA - Sea Glass Photography Print

Sea glass

My hubby's Uncle Harry dropped off about a half a tonne of seaglass, rocks, and ceramic pieces that he has been collecting over the past few.

Sea glass art

Jack’s Sea Glass Art: Jack Sierad, uses Pacific Ocean, hand picked pieces to create his works.


What I netted on the beach at Fort Aguada: Here's a little write-up about a three day holiday in Goa which turned me into a sea glass hunter. See the article on sea glass in Goa, India, as well


Broken glass, tumbled in the surf at Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California, photo by Jef Poskanzer

some rare colours #seaglass

Sea Glass Rarity Chart - A FREE chart comparing how rare different colors of sea glass are. This is the best place to compare your sea glass color and see how rare it is!

Seaglass Heaven

Wave Power Transforms a Dumping Ground into a Sparkling Glass Beach

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA. This beach is known to have the most abundant sea glass in the world. This amazing sea glass was created from the bottles & garbage dumped in the century. Sea glass is pretty and all, but its litter!