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Getting on your nerves

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Funny ... but oh so true

Multi-Tasking Humor

Why??? Such is life.

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Funny Minions Quotes

Funny Minions Quotes For The Week - May 18, 2015


trying to understand the behavior of others

Potato, you complete me.

Potato, you complete me…


Cool Interesting Facts: albert einstein

Pretty much

I don't always pin, but when I do I pin 5,000 things in one sitting


Weekend Links to Inspire & Encourage


Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Haha That's me XD

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Yes! You can only control your own character!!

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I want this shirt:-)


So true.

The Quest For The Right Song

working mom!!!

single working mom!!!

This is so much more #Pinterest

Funny Quotes Of The Week (25 Quotes)

so true.



Tall Girl Problems


Which One Are You? Be Honest

I will have to remember this for all the times people seriously ask me why I'm wearing heels because "aren't I tall enough already?" Stop saying tall girls are too tall for heels!

Stop saying tall girls are too tall for heels. Love my Long Legs

I am completely OCD about how I put my groceries on the belt! I put this in my 'funny things worth seeing' but this is like my #1 pet peeve... I serisoulsy will stand there digging through my cart to put items together i want bagged together and yet they still don't do it.... grrrrrrrrr

Pinterest Daily Pin :: Cashiers

I Don't Mind Cancelled Plans Either

I Don’t Mind Cancelled Plans Either

Ain't No Party Like An Introvert Party