and whether it's the weather or the ledges by my bed, sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head ❤️ // this is my fave pic of tyjo

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I can't with them Josh dun Tyler Joseph twenty øne pilots skeleton clique stay street

when someone asks you if you like twenty one pilots // Twenty Øne Piløts

and all the kids cried out "jish stop, ur scaring me"<<but he can’t help his sick as frick energy

Twenty One Pilots

Is it just me, or does Tyler look like he could totally be in a Renaissance painting?<<< i honestly agree with u

Heathens Twenty One Pilots

You'll never know the murderer sitting next to you You'll think "how did I get here sitting next to you?" Heathens by tøp

have you ever unintentionally got so deep into a fandom you turn into absolute trash? twenty one pilots