Clara Dourado

Clara Dourado

Clara Dourado
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MAybe I could make a neon sign, but take photos of it in different places?

One letter can make a huge difference #scuba #diving #marinelife

One letter can make a huge difference. We could do a play on words like this for either yearbook or newspaper. Ego displays the diver at the top of the food pyramid and eco shows all the organisms as equals. one word made a world of a difference

Being more tolerant, more loving, more understanding, and educated on matter that you are afraid of, makes you a better human being

The people you hate are a reflection of your own flaws Everyday Thoughts On Everyday Things on Behance } Rachel Denti

Matthias Heiderich photographs his favourite places in a controlled and pure manner, making even the simplest streetlamp look like its a work or art.