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Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

This picture is especially important because it signifies the mending of the family as they try to becoming one again. The narrator hopes that by trying new things with her family she could rekindle the flames of love that was once there. In doing so she begins one meal at a time.

12 Ripped Old People

This old man represents the grandfather in the story ''Lunch" by Christina Henriquez because he is shown as a fit man in his old age. That being so says a lot like he cares and does what he can to do the most with his time. In the story i visualized a man like this because he looks to support and does what he is needed to do in order to support his family.

The meaning behind the visual depicted is when the grandfather died and the family hasn't moved on from him. Since he was the anchor and heart of the family they split apart, after his death, having no reason to carry on.

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Guatemala

In the beginning the narrator moves to Guatemala and everything changes for her. The normal lunch she would have with her family no longer existed. The picture shown is a variety of common food items that would be found in Guatemala, i chose it because i thought it would further illustrate what she was fighting for a reunion with her family at the dinner table.