Brilliant playroom ideas!

Playroom Design: DIY Playroom with Rock Wall

Brilliant playroom ideas Fun at Home with Kids (sensory boards/bottle set up , dream big poster)

I am pinning this so that I remember to have the tooth fairy leave tiny notes for my kids...  :)

A little note from the tooth fairy. Definatly going to remember this one! If the kids still believed in the tooth fairy this would be so cute.

Finger Painting - Tape on Canvas, Let Them at it, Remove Tape!

Capri’s Valentine Craft

wouldn't this be cute to tape the grandkids names on the canvas and let them do the fingerpainting to make their own sign for their room. Tape word on canvas - finger paint - remove tape.

One Sassy Housewife: DIY Hammock-Type Baby Swing...with instructions.  The one on Etsy...$135 plus shipping.  To make it yourself...$53 for two swings (26 per swing)!

One Sassy Housewife: DIY Hammock-Type Baby Swing.with instructions. To go along with our porch swing?

DIY plantable felt garden box - so very cute

DIY: Plantable Felt Garden Box tutorial from A Beautiful Mess - incl. instructions for making carrots, beets, strawberry plants and planting box great idea to keep kids busy!

Guitar Baby Onesie

Funny pictures about Awesome baby shirt. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome baby shirt. Also, Awesome baby shirt.

make edible tea cups using ice cream cones

make edible tea cups using ice cream cones. I'd love to see cake inside the icecream cone. (I had ice cream cone cupakes one birthday)

Kid's play room with a slide!  How cool is that???

Kids Play Room with Slide. Amazing Home Tour! The kid in me wants an indoor slide so bad!

What an awesome idea! This would be great built in a kids walk-in closet! Just take the doors off the closet and utilize the extra space! Keep the kids clothes etc in a wardrobe in front of the closet to make it a secret hideout!

I think he needs this

Lottie da - cardigan onesie with bow tie onesie underneath. One day if I have a little boy he WILL wear this

Define small spaces, don't let them define you.

Faith's Magical Bohemian Treehouse

Attic space is often considered a difficult one to decorate as its ceiling is vaulted. But we have some awesome ideas to create a cozy tiny attic nook.

Fun headboard idea for kids

Cabeceros infantiles diferentes y muy actuales

Your bed is a little house! With a pitched roof bed, chalkboard wall and nightlight.

Fleece Knight Helmet Hat with tutorial and free pattern! via

Fleece Knight Helmet Hat {Free Pattern} - there's a cute picture of the knight costume on the linked page, although a tutorial is provided only for the helmet :)

play room

Great idea RE the twin mattresses. I also love the tree pictures on the wall! Love to display kid-made art in a kids room! Two twin mattresses, some plywood, and a great playroom that doubles as a guest room or sleepover room.