Time for a little Sunday snuggle!

Let it snow, window decoration - Selina Lake: Prima Christmas Makes 2014

Snow Lights Back to Nature,Let It Snow,Winter,Winter Wonderland,


so all these "Keep Calm" signs are getting to be a bit much but i WOULD love me some snow at Christmas!


Paris in winter. We have spend many Christmas vacations in France. One time my parents were with us. We left them at the airport outside of Paris and headed back to Spain. It looked like photo, it makes me smile!

central park

Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York City


Pale yellow barn--here is a pretty yellow barn for my Beautiful daughter, Krystin!

Winter beauty

12 Perfect Homes To Spend A Snow Day In - Beautiful Winter Homes.

Frozen Sunset, Jura, Scotland, by Jérémy Lombaert, on 500px.

Pretty-Frozen Sunset, Jura, Scotland, by Jérémy Lombaert, on

Brooklyn Bridge tips

My fave place to walk.what a GREAT winter photograph! Brooklyn Bridge under Snow, New York. Photography by Barry Yanowitz.

Sock Snowman

Sock Snowman

Cut the top of a crew sock off. Turn sock inside out, attach a rubber band to top of the sock. Turn sock right-side out again. Fill with rice. Pack it down to make a round base. Rubber band the top of the sock closed, another band for head. Now, decorate!


Wow Someone's Beautiful Sunset View While Cosy Inside! - December Sunset, Woodstock, Vermont photo via rita

gingerbread house that sits on the edge of a mug

mini gingerbread houses perched on mugs.

Fireball Whisky White Hot Chocolate

Fireball Whisky White Hot Chocolate

FIREBALL HOT CHOCOLATE === cups Whole Milk cups White Chocolate Chips shots Fireball Whisky ■½ tsp Cinnamon **can also add shots & cinnamon to regular hot chocolate**

winter beach

winter beach Imai Smith My Wedding

Snow, barn and creek by tanmari

Country Winter - Snow, barn and creek by tanmari


Snowman with red scarf and black top hat standing in front of snow covered Birch forest, winter, Eagle River, Alaska, USA.