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    For the Wife

    For the Wife

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    Struggling to get everything done today? If you're like most moms, your list probably feels endless. Here are seven ways to organize and get more done. You've got this!

    It can be easy to complain about our house, so how do we choose gratitude instead? How can we have a deep appreciation for the reality in front of us, instead of the dream home on our online boards?

    Let's be honest, the disciplines of exercise and scripture memorization are tough. That's why we're so excited to introduce you to an annual challenge that motivates, encourages and connects you with others on a journey to health. Let's get started!

    When you are just about ready to snap in this whole motherhood thing- you need to refuel. Why not give yourself a planning day? Here's how to build into your days, your home and your own heart while you make a plan for this season.

    Do you often neglect or set aside what you want or need for the sake of your children? We give and give and give, but so often forget to fill back up and often sacrificing our spouse in the process. Here's how to invest in your marriage and fill one another up for a change.

    We all have to make them. Sometimes we dread them. How does your family handle big decisions that come your way? Whether you are navigating new life stages or just more of the of the typical everyday logistics, we can all make better decision for our families when we follow these three principles.

    We need to remember the power of our words. Our words have the power to bring life or bring death. They have the power to build up or tear down.

    Are you struggling to survive as a mom? Have the lies that our culture perpetuates about motherhood dragged you down? Well we need to knock it off! Lies such as “I am my child’s choices” tempt moms to mistakenly believe that if their child makes a wrong choice then they, in turn, must be a bad mom. Well it is time to stop believing those myths and start walking in the truth! Pre-Order Hoodwinked today & Get TONS of Free Goodies!

    We are not responsible for the happiness of our husband, but there is much we can do to contribute to his day to day joys in life by simply being concerned for him as a true friend, being generous and thoughtful of his needs, being sympathetic toward his struggles, being considerate of his feelings and by being genuinely concerned about him.

    We can dress beautifully without being out of fashion or immodest –and I know because there’s many beautifully dressed women every Sunday at my church, who are not attracting the wrong kind of attention. They are not beautiful because they are fashionable, they are beautiful because they love the Lord and love people. They are beautiful because they smile and have eyes that look to other’s needs rather than their own. They are beautiful because they walk in the Spirit.

    As our children grow and prepare to leave the nest, how are we to launch them well? What lessons are left to teach, what wisdom to depart? These ideas for parenting in the teen years will get you started!

    You won't find a Biblical Christian marriage displayed on television or in the movies -so we can't follow {Opposite World}.

    8 Ways to Maintain Your Friendship in Marriage {and a look inside my parent's marriage}

    Do you date? Taking time to regularly and intentionally get away with your spouse can be one of the best things you do for your marriage! We've got some great ideas for creative date nights this fall (and some are completely free!)

    We live in a time of war. Do we really believe that? Are we ready for battle, do we have the proper weapons and armor? We need strategy, intention and a willingness to fight. We need to get down on our knees.

    Are you wise? What does it actually look like to be a wise woman? The Bible says we should seek out this virtue, and so we need to know how our lives can be built not on what we have done, but what he can give!

    Marriage is hard but it doesn't have to be impossible. Maybe your marriage is going great or maybe like so many others your marriage is a mess. My friend please please please read this...if your marriage is falling apart there is help and hope for you!

    With school and activities in full swing, how does your family handle the squeeze on your time and extra pressure to be so many places during the week? We've got some great ideas to keep you on track and your family fed with tried and true tips and a delicious recipe!

    Do you date? Taking time to regularly and intentionally get away with your spouse can be one of the best things you do for your marriage! We've got some great ideas for creative date nights this fall (and some are completely free!)

    Are you struggling in your marriage? Looking for a way to save it? While the issues we face are certainly complex, we must not forget that prayer too, is a battlefield and we need to be prepared to fight. Are you ready to pray for your life?

    How often do we truly see one another? Each mom in your circle is full of unique gifts given by God, and so are you! The church needs you. The world needs you. And women need one another. The start of linking arms for kingdom work begins here today.

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