Life Pegs

Basically, what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a lady with a giant hat lounging at the beach, riding a vespa up and down a cobbled street, and skateboarding when I grow my hair and get rock-hard abs.
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A Pessimists who recently converted to being an optimists. A Happy girl who lives in a sad world and daydream in order to escape. A logical person who believes in fairies and unicorns. A Bad painter who loves art. A 26 years old girl who's heart is only


I'm in love with the world around me and everything in it. It inspires me and reminds me everyday there's a reason to carry on. I paint what I see and not always what I know, and I like it that way.


"Be the person that your proud of. Be the one that you love. Do what you love. The only one holding you back is your self."


I LOVE ALL THINGS THAT ARE BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, ROMANTIC, PINK, FEMININE, DAINTY & GIRLY GIRL XOXOXO ~ LET YOUR FANTASYS COME TRUE ~ **None of these photos are mine....they are just borrowed & very much...


Only who are so foolish as to think to change the world really change it. Blog for adult readers. Only for people who are older than If you're younger, please leave this page. DISCLAIMER: All the pictures featured on this page belong to their...


Mart Visser - Modern take on vintage - great dress for work, great hat for the derby More