💚 so my hands and forearms are cramping up and I can't type at the moment. It's killing me. I think I should get this checked cause it's starting to happen on a regular basis. I'll tell you about the trip soon. I need this to go away before I can type

Morning coffee (39 photos)

You yearn to find a person as “easy” as you are to get along with... But when they come, you found it hard... Years go by, till you meet someone like such again...you clicked. You say, “this is the one”... But the truth is, you weren't ready back then.


Just because you're having a rough day it does not mean you have a free ticket to be a jerk to everyone. Being down should inspire you to put a smile on someones face, just so you know they dont feel the same way you do. It might make you happier as well.

Those suffering from depression often feel as though they are trapped in a constant state of hopelessness from which they cannot escape. If you are one such individual, it is essential to force yourself into action on a daily basis an