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Class Dismissed: New Indie Documentary On Home Education Receiving Amazing Audience Response Posted: Becky, FB, Oct 2014

Class Dismissed Documentary by Jeremy Stuart, via Kickstarter.

Jeremy Stuart is raising funds for Class Dismissed Documentary on Kickstarter! Class Dismissed is a film in production that focuses on showcasing alternative education strategies that are working for many families.

Check out Class Dismissed. The first feature length documentary about homescooling, now currently in production.

Jeremy Stuart is raising funds for Self -Taught Documentary on Kickstarter! A documentary about life, success and self-directed learning.

New teaser trailer for the documentary Class Dismissed.

This is the new teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary Class Dismissed : A Film About Learning Outside of the Classroom.

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Aside from the obvious, like a decent camera and a tripod, there's so many other items y.