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Creative persons always look at the bright side! There is always, always a bright side. There will always be a dark side to what you’re going through. Don’t be scared of it or rush through it.

The Wonderful World of Pinterest- April 2014 | My So Called Crafty Life

No matter what happens in live, focus on the good. There may be bad things going on, but there is SO much to be thankful for. Be happy and focus on the good things in your beautiful life!

That's exactly how it happened. And the pillows worship me as their queen.

I Can't get out of bed funny memes animals cats dog meme lol kitten funny quotes cute. humor funny animals - my reason for not jumping out of bed

COFFEE. Because sometimes it's the only thing that will get me through the day! #LIVETHANKFUL #LIVECRUDE

Top 20 Coffee Related Pins / Memes / Quotes

Coffee is gasoline for humans and this is very true, below are some of the best Coffee Humor quotes, so you can have fun being coffee loverTop 25 Funny Coffee Quotes Top 25

OMG!!!! I make this face all the time... And rarely, do I ever see it made at me.... Lol!!!! Whatever! Haha

31 Faces Every Teacher Will Immediately Recognise

I make this face at work all the time! I deal with people on the phone so they can't see the faces I make. Then they ask if I'm still there lol

Great Article, If your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough - inspirational quote

Have big dreams, and make big Things! Don't be afraid of dreaming big! A man who has big dreams can achieve big things!

The perfect hair tie is an elusive creature, but when you find one it will never, ever leave your side. | 30 Struggles Anyone With Long Hair Understands

30 Struggles Anyone With Long Hair Understands

30 Struggles Anyone With Long Hair w/ long thick hair: the struggles are real

to succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence - mark twain

Ignorance & Confidence #1 Art Print

To succeed in life you need two things, ignorance and confidence inspirational quote word art print motivational poster black white motivationmonday minimalist shabby chic fashion inspo typographic wall decor

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