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I cant force him to see his children but i do try to encourage it. He says money is an issue but presence is greater than presents. His life is consumed by horrible habits which makes it obsolete to leave my child unattended with him.

Damn straight... I'm not going anywhere and you will NOT replace me. I have been there since day one ... Always been there for them especially when he neglected them for other women and alcohol!!

You'd think he would've learnt from the first one who doesn't even call him dad when he has him! P.o.s!

Good men exist in the world. I know they do. There are men who understand that being a man requires more than having a penis. Out there in society, amongst the deadbeats, cheaters and schemers are ...

Define Deadbeat Parent: 1. See's kids at their convenience. 2. Doesn't pay child support. 3.Takes credit on how great the kid is. BITCH! U have nothing to do w/ it!