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My Vienna List - a year-long challenge to complete 50 Vienna activities in 52 weekends. find the best of the city and make the most of this city.

UNESCO World Heritage Site. Old twon of Lijiang, CHINA

Lijiang - It’s an old town in northern Yunnan, in what was once the Dali Kingdom, the fought-over hinterland between China and Tibet. Had a great couple days exploring this village and surrounding area.

#Yunnan Rice fields

buffalo looks over the rice fields beneath them, Yuanyang region, Yunnan Province, China, photograph by Yann Layma. Water buffalo are commonly used to plow rice fields and transport goods in Vietnam's countryside.

La Chine éternelle - Yunnan, China

Gorgeous hills - amazing light and shadow. Blooming fields of rapeseed plants weave around hills near Luoping in Yunnan Province. From "Visions of Earth" - National Geographic May 2008 Photography by George Steinmetz