Just a reminder in case your mind is playing tricks on you today: You matter. You’re important. You’re loved & your presence on this earth makes a difference whether you see it or not ♡ You are so worth loving ♡

A non-foliated metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure

"In each loss there is a gain, as in every gain there is a loss. and with each new ending comes a new beginning..''

Blue Moon Eclipsing I saw this -- It was an extremely moving experience. //MoonglowJewelry

Undulations of the fins of a skate viewed from the side, Étienne-Jules Marey, not really the right board for this, but I have a friend or two who I think will appreciate this...

Saturday is RED ! So is number 6 but a bit lighter. 7 is a rusty browny red. December is also red.

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Eero Saarinen