Toma nota ⛏ @mentorofthebillion #frases #motivación #inspiración #éxito

Toma nota ⛏ @mentorofthebillion #frases #motivación #inspiración #éxito

Fuera de Foco: Hermoso corto sobre una niñita ciega y Coco, su perrito.

Out of Sight (敲敲) Left alone by her guide dog, a blind girl resorts to her other senses and her powerful imagination to make her way around. Out of Sight is a wonderful short film made by graduates from the National Taiwan University of Arts.

El vendedor de humo

"El Vendedor De Humo" (Smoke Seller) is a funny short film directed by Jaime Maestro at Prime Frame school of animation in Spain. For more information on Pri.

BELLY I can feel you in my BellyFor full festival and award info visit: A film by: Julia PottProduction: Royal College of ArtSound Design: Joseph TateAnimation Assistance: Robin BushellEammon O’NeillBen CadyVoices: Olivia Gurney RandallCornelius ClarkeJoseph TateRobert BlytheLaurence Weedy uuskool

I can feel you in my Belly Credits: A film by: Julia Pott Production: Royal College of Art Sound Design: Joseph Tate Animation Assistance: Robin Bushell Eammon…

shishi yamazaki

When you're insanely happy, you're so happy to be happy, that you forget what made you happy. Directer: Shishi Yamazaki Music by Yamasukis Yama Yama : Daniel Vangarde Kashi Kofima : Jean Kluger Daniel Vangarde All songs published by Bleu Blanc Rouge

YANOYA by shishi yamazaki. "YANOYA" project of Akiko Yano and Tokyo University of the Arts

"YANOYA" project of Akiko Yano and Tokyo University of the Arts 「やの屋」矢野顕子×東京芸術大学 サンプルムービー Animation by Shishi Yamazaki Music by Akiko Yano >Yanoya やの屋 websiteAkiko Yano's official website


Directed and produced by Golden Wolf Audio by The Confederate Dead Credits: Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson Producer: Ant Baena Animation & Design: Jonathan Djob Nkondo Cleanup & compositing: Pablo Lozano

Les talons rouges / The Red Heels (2011)

student film, cut-out, © La Poudrière 2011 Direction, design, animation: Olesya Shchukina Music: Yan Volsy The brief was to make 1 minute film about The…

Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou

A film by Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon. Production Management- Sarah Kambara Run Time: Sound Design- Nick Ainsworth Vocals- Ed Skudder, Lynn Wang Original…

I'm a monster by Headless Productions. a teaser for our latest project "I'm a monster"

I'm a monster. a teaser for our latest project "I'm a monster" this is a piece we developed to give an idea of the mood and look of the film and the characters.

Rompe la dieta hoy domingo

Rompe la dieta hoy domingo

Stickers, Mandala, Inspirational Quotes, Words, Domingo, Happy Day, Good Night, Good Morning, Sticker


Done by Sabrina Cotugno (not me): My third year film at Calarts, but made mostly at Gobelins school in France, where I am studying abroad for the semester. The story of an anemic little recluse of a girl who makes a friend at the expense of her ceiling.