brilliant blue primrose

Polyanthus plants, sometimes known as primrose, are a spring plant that offers blooms in a rainbow of colors. There is a difference between a Polyanthus and a Primrose. A primrose has one flower on a stalk, but a polyanthus has many.

"Recuerdo el amor que me nacía al tiempo de la lluvia. Recuerdo los baúles y las colchas de hilo, las flores de lavanda volando por espacios abiertos y felices, aquella despiadada multitud de grillos debajo de las lápidas, y tus besos, pan y aceite, detrás de los postigos." (Elsa López)

This makes me think of one thing. The Color Purple. If you can walk by a field and not notice the color purple, I think that pisses God off.

beautiful orchid, does look like space alien.

beautiful orchid, does look like space alien. It is called The Monkey Orchid.


It's Lilac time. One of my very favorite flowers. I love all the shades of lavender and purple. I fill up all my antique vases and place them in every room of the house. They smell so incredibly wonderful.


Actually, I choose it because it's really beautiful! Hot Air Balloon over Lavender Field, We can change it into "hot air ballon over grape field". Hot air balloon i really iconic and resemble to bubble.

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