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Mosquito netting around the outdoor tub. Add citronella lanterns / tiki torches and put some mosquito repelling plants in planters around.

25 Self-Care Tips for the Body & Soul

25 Self-Care Tips for the Body & Soul Stop Over-Thinking; Accept What Is. Stop Pushing; Stop Comparing Yourself to Others; Cherish Your Friends.

Natural Manicure

How to Give Yourself a Natural Manicure

Natural Manicure Skip the polish and strengthen your nails with an at-home treatment that also relieves stress. With ingredients like fresh milk and warm almond, olive, or avocado oil instead of the fume-laden chemicals most nail salons rely on, you can g

Self-Care Tips

Put Yourself First

The Top 10 Benefits of Meditation - has been used for hundreds of years by individuals seeking inner peace, enlightenment and a break from the everyday stressers of life. The practice is thought to benefit the mind, body and spirit in a multitude of ways.

What is Self Care?

Relax Sore Muscles,Try taking a hot bath and adding a cup of Epsom Salt and a cup of Baking Soda to your bath. This will help relax your muscles and make you feel better.

Self Care...  Try It!  You're Gonna Like It!

Try It! You’re Gonna Like It!

self care

We use all kinds of oils and creams at Bella Reina Spa for massaging and other purposes and these oils have a lot of therapeutic benefits, which is why they are

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