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Spy x Family
Manga Art by Claudio Moreno
some comics are being drawn in black and white
Judge Parker
Judge Parker (King Features) Pencil & Ink: Claudio Moreno, over Barreto's layout.
two people standing in the grass holding hands
Jiro. Immortal blood
Art by Claudio Moreno (Copyright 2020)
the cover to vampire wedding, featuring two women sitting at a desk and one man standing in
Vampire Wedding
Art by Claudio Moreno
an image of a comic page with black and white ink
Retroactive Superman
Storyboard: Ediardo Barreto Pencil: Claudio Moreno Ink: Eduardo Barreto & Claudio Moreno
an image of a comic strip with people in it
Vampire Wedding
Pencil: Eduardo Barreto Ink: Claudio Moreno
a black and white drawing of a woman standing in the rain
Vampirella Fan Art
a painting of a man standing in front of a castle with a full moon behind him
Frankenstein' Mary Shelley. Cover art by Claudio Moreno (Uchronia Comics)
a drawing of some people in front of a sign with the words vair riot on it