Upcycle Arizona Iced Tea bottles!

Arizona Green Tea bottle with pink flowers for tea party table scape

Arizona Iced Tea <3

iPhone cases, these are so cool! Plus I do drink Arizona tea! I love the half lemonade bald iced tea!

Arizona Iced tea ♡

Arizona Iced tea Corporate Sponsor for EndHIV/Abzyme Research Foundation

Arizona Iced Tea!

Arizona au thé vert, ginseng et miel - Canette - Arizona Iced Tea

AriZona drinks!

As a kid mom would buy AZ Iced Tea only as a special treat

Arizona Iced Tea Black & White

Arizona Black & White Tea, (Pack Of >>> Check out the image by visiting the link.

Arizona Iced Tea ♡

Arizona Iced Tea ♡

'Charlestea Dress' by Maude Lapierre, from 75 Arizona ice tea cans!

"Maude Lapierre snipped 75 AriZona ice-tea cans to whip up a Paco Rabanne-style "Charlestea Dress." (Montreal artists transform post-consumer trash into high end fashion)