Did I just pour gasoline all over my house and light a match?  How clumsy of me.

Excuse me while I light my house on fire. I have a bad obsession with FIREMEN!

Black Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

The thing I get asked most about- great tutorial- this is a great pattern for many eye shapes! Black Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial for Asian eyes.


Extra Credit

Eyebrow Guidelines

Brow Guidance - perfect DIY to get the perfect brow everytime! I am naturally a dark brunette but have blonde eye brows, this will be my saving grace!


Drive Thru Tree, Sequoia National Forest, California. omg, when i was a little girl; we drove through the drive thru tree in a volkswagon van too.


Abba, awesome band, awesome music, I had so many posters of them on my wall.


Hidden door to a secret room, I always wanted secret passage ways.