Commission 5 by CaptBexx on deviantART - Not sure how I feel about the pairing, but this is beautiful!

Commission 5 by CaptBexx on deviantART - Hermione and Draco<<<< i don't ship it, but it's a good drawing :)


okay, so don't get me wrong, i TOTALLY ship Ron and Hermione in real life, but if that didn't work out, then this would have been an interesting plot twist to HP. and sometimes i kinda wish it happened.

Slytherin Princess (Dramione love story) On Hold by ❤️Slytherin_Heir❤️


Read 2 from the story Del odio, al amor.[Dramione] by malfoywolfhard (miss schnapp🍕) with 914 reads.

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It's Oh So Quiet! by just-orson

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