Build worm habitats, observe worms, and WRITE about it.

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This is an online version of 'Sid The Seed' by Daniel R. Pagan. Sid loves his home underground and does not want to grow up and venture into the big world outside until......... This is a beautiful story with multiple teaching points, and an inspiration for young children who are waiting to grow up to be the best they can be!

Sid the Seed |

Blog post with LOTS of fun ideas for getting kids writing about science and teaching about the life cycle of plants. Also includes FREE printable anchor charts for Photosynthesis and Parts of a Plant.

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Moon phases match game

Disney-Inspired Crafts and Activities for Kids |

Soil+ schema, new learning, misconceptions

What's the "Dirt" on Soil? (Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog)

Pumpkin Life Cycle Mini-book Advanced- This is excellent for the upper grades. It goes into more detail and is a great way to tie in pumpkins at this time of the year to the study of life cycles, germination, pollination, and plants.

Pumpkin Life Cycle Mini-book Advanced

What a cute way to label the outside and inside of a pumpkin!

Pumpkin Investigation Unit: All About Pumpkins {Life Cycle}!

Your students will DIG these archaeology puzzles in two different formats. Students not only find the words but also match them to their definitions. Answer keys are provided. ($)

Archaeology Word Search Puzzles

Visualizing with Henry and Mudge

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Space Book Craftivity - This is a craftivity that focuses on nonfiction facts about the earth, moon, stars, sun, and astronauts. $

Space Craftivity

iintegratetechnology: Just Type and the Common Core

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2013 Series Text Evidence Packet for Unit 1 $10

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Plant unit foldable

Around the Kampfire: It's Plantin' Time!

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

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Focus Board for reading street

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FREEBIE! Showing Evidence Strips....These have great evidence stems to help your kiddos cite specific evidence in their written responses/discussions. Just print and cut down the middle.

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This is a little experiement creating moon craters in the classroom. There is a recording sheet for students to record their observations....

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teach adjectives or "shades of meaning" with soil samples! Send students home with a sandwich bag to collect a soil sample from near their home. The next day, the students share their samples with their small group so everyone has a few different types of soils. Then the group comes up with different color names and/or particle size adjectives to label each sample!

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Frog life cycle writing using Brown Bag Books

Sub Hub: Hop into Frog Life Cycles

Graphic organizers to use during reading time. These nonfiction organizers will help students identify the main idea and details in a text. Once ...

FREE 1.RI.5 Nonfiction Main Idea/details Graphic Organizer

Visualizing poem and activity

Ginger Snaps

Frog Life Cycle Video


Life Cycle Worksheet

Frog Activity Sheet - Frog Life Cycle


The Adventures of a K/1 Teacher: Plants Mania! :)

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever ~ Written By Steven Kroll... This October Unit has 50 pages of ideas, activities and printables that correlate with the book "The Biggest Pumpkin Ever." ~Class Discussion Questions & Ideas ~ Vocabulary Words, Definition List, Practice, Graphic Organizers And Printables ~ Making Connections ~ Character Webs ~ Writing Activities ~ ABC Order Activity Cards ~ Venn Diagram ~ Story Maps ~ Anchor Charts

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