polaroid brushes: a rosy interior view

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the chair is made out of clay and has flowers on it, as well as black legs
chair Bloom Helen Amy Murray
a cat sitting on top of a window sill next to a pink and yellow striped wall
a feminine palet of flesh pinks and fragile spring colours
a living room with a rug, chair and coffee table in the middle of it
Carpet with sinking chair, Tamara Kasdoorp (Taam Designers)
an image of pink and silver circles on white background
pattern cameo 2 Caroline Le Poole
an abstract pattern made up of metal rings
pattern cameo 1 Caroline Le Poole
a white shirt hanging on a clothes line with the sun shining in the sky behind it
photo: Trend Union Bliss
Louis Vuitton, Accessories, Shoes, Clogs, Louis Vuitton Pink
a group of white chandeliers hanging from the ceiling in a room with grey walls
light sculpture Memory by Ayala Serfaty
a pink and white couch sitting on top of a wooden leg rest with multiple pillows
sofa by Fernando Campana for Edra
three macaroons sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
macarons (photo Kamperman)
three different types of flowers are displayed on the wall in front of a white background
Flower construction by Anne ten Donkelaar 2011
a close up view of some flowers on a white surface with silver foil over it
leather panel by Helen Amy Murray GB
many white vases are stacked together on the table
Design Jetske Visser
an image of a garden with flowers and trees in the foreground, behind a wooden fence
Garden Wind of Changes by Jamie Dunstan
two beige chairs sitting next to each other
leather chairs Helen Amy Murray