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FREE from Lavinia Pop. Pre-Primer Readers SAMPLER. This unit contains samples from all my Pre-Primer sight words readers! Be sure to check it out!

Word work center idea using Bananagrams or letter tiles. Free download.

FREE Author Study (writing a book report)

FREE Word Families - CVC & CCVC Cut & Paste Picture Scrambles. A fun and interactive word work activity.

Perfect activity for your literacy centers! Four Magic e game boards will keep your students engaged during independent work stations or during small group intervention.This activity is one of 15 hands-on activities contained in the Magic e Activity PackFirst Grade Common Core State Standard 1.RFS.3c (CCSS 1.RFS.3) Know final -e and common vowel team conventions for representing long vowel sounds.

These phonemic awareness activities will be "doggone" popular with your students! Two activities designed to teach isolating sounds are included in this packet. "Doggie, Where's My Bone?" and "Doggie Sound Switch" are perfect for use during your small group intervention.

iHeard You Read - a free resource for Daily 5

FREE synonyms and antonyms task cards with QR codes. This self-checking center challenges students to read clues, make an inference about described overused words, record it on their answer sheet, and then self-check their response with the QR code. Each QR code links to a vivid, labeled animal photograph example of the correct vocabulary word. Supports ELLs and visual learners, and allows energetic students to move around! Perfect for iPad classrooms, BYOD, and BYOD schools! #Teachering

FREE Alphabet BUNDLE SAMPLER. Alphabet anchor charts - a fantastic resource for Preschool and Kindergarten.

Guided reading can give any teacher a big headache! Making it run like a well-oiled machine takes time and lots of trial and error. Get a great five sheet generic guided reading freebie here, as well as teaching videos, and a great resource site. This post is like aspirin for that headache!

Do you want Google to actually give your students meaningful results? Now you can! Click through to see how to use the reading level so even your youngest Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade learners are getting materials at an appropriate level for them when they do online research.

FREE Daily 5 Cards.

FREE Beginning blends reading passage with comprehension questions

FREE from Lavinia Pop. Pre-Primer Readers SAMPLER. This unit contains samples from all my Pre-Primer sight words readers! Be sure to check it out!

Keep Calm and Choose a Career FREE poster. Goes great with Georgia's College and Career Readiness lessons, the 5th Grade Career Portfolio Project for CCRPI, or any career report project! This freebie is part of an awesome career research bundle that has everything you need for upper elementary & middle school career reports (career cluster activities, graphic organizers, & career report examples for students). CCRA.W2 CCRA.W4 CCRA.W5 CCRA.W6 CCRA.W7 CCRA.W8 CCRA.W9 CCRA.W10

How do I use task cards with QR codes in my classroom? Links to FREEBIE Synonyms and Antonyms QR code activity, so you can try using QR codes in your classroom for free! QR codes link to labeled photos of correct answers to make it self-checking. Perfect for iPad classrooms, BYOT, / BYOD, ELLs, and active students that need to move as they work! #Teachering

Preschool Letter Z FREE beginning sounds coloring page

Create a simple paper chart (or anchor chart) so students understand what they NEED to do during Daily 5's Read to Someone. It's the perfect I Chart! (especially for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students!)

FREE Word Families - CVC & CCVC MEGA BUNDLE Part 1 SAMPLER. A bundle of fun and interactive centers, games, readers and worksheets to help beginning readers!

My Letter A Poster >> Part of the Alphabet Adventures Program >> Download the Letter A Packet for FREE!

FREE Cool Cats Read & Write Sight Words activity >> Roll the die and read the sight words in the matching row >> Fun and interactive way to learn to read sight words

FREE! Common Core Informational Text - Article about Cheetahs. Aligned with CC Standards Grades 4 - 5. Some grade 3 and grade 6 standards are included to provide for a wide range of learners in ELA groups.

FREE Color It MEGA BUNDLE Sampler. Beginning Sounds, Beginning Blends, Ending Sounds, Word Families, Phonics (digraphs, r-controlled vowels and more).