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Social media? Give me a break...

Yes Yes, Social this and Social that, so what?

Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Modern day guide to the alphabet including social media sites! #socialmedia

What how and when with social media posting [infographic] | Twittermania

The Rise of Social TV and What It Means For Advertisers #SocialMedia #TVAdvertising

"You have only begun to discover your power" with LinkedIn profile pages, as Darth Vader would tell us. Company pages can give you even more success. We can continue to plot our success with LinkedIn, to "calculate every possible destination along their last known trajectory". Finally, we look at what is available with group statistics, where Darth Vader concludes that "with our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the dashboard".

Content marketing infographic mapped to job roles

social engagement with unified profiles - SPRINKLR

The Dummies’ Social Media Guide to Thought Leadership Portals. A company that creates a thought leadership portal seeks to be recognized as an authority in a specialized field. Let's explore the social media aspects of thought leadership portals from six major companies including Coca Cola, SAP, Intel and others. - What was the social media impact? - What lessons can we learn? - How can thought leadership portals be created that drive business results?

Twitter is down and they have a new image.. no more fail whale... welcome to the cool chilling ice cream...

"It's not about the number of people its about the right people" - Building effective social media communities

*New Klout is out, but has it improved?* - Did they make changes to the algorithm? - Can we still dish out +K - Did they address the longstanding issues with the scoring? - Do we all still care anymore as we have all found other ways better placed to measure influence than one numerical score?

Vine vs Instagram - Clash of the Micro Videos [Infographic] #vine #instagram #video

Your Facebook Life In 62 Seconds - If you’re on Facebook, a new video about your life went live on February 4th 2014. Facebook has used a video tool to create short, personalized videos for its users. It starts with the year you joined Facebook, then shows some of your most-liked posts and a selection of photos to some typical slideshow type music.

How to Reduce Website Bounce Rate and Make Your First 10 Seconds Count

Evolution of pinterest infographic

However, the number of brands that pin and populate boards without putting a strategy in place has become rather painful to witness.

*The 5 Types of Guest Bloggers (Funny Graphic)* So which one is you?

Use Images on #Twitter to Get More ReTweets

A Google glass Google plus ripple diagram - this is a big one!

Dos and don'ts of social media crib sheet

Check out my Twitter profile as an animated movie.Kind of nice looking back over the year with Vizify and you can make your own too.