My Garden Board is for gardens in general, be it private or commercial. Flowers 'n Things is for flowers in pots, vases, hanging baskets, etc. (Flowers IN things...or... Flowers AND things) Blossoms is for just close ups, and Wildflowers and For the Love of Roses don't need an explanation. I obviously love flowers/gardening.....:)
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There’s A Little Known Unique Garden In Portland… And It’s Truly Magical

There's A Little Known Unique Garden In Portland... And It's Truly Magical

Plant combinations

Pennisetum orientale, Centranthus ruber & Rosa & of Rosemawr& Gaura, Lilium longiflorum, Verbascum chaixii & Candles& - Picmia

8 Essential Elements for Planning a Cottage Garden

8 Essential Elements for Planning a Cottage Garden

Rose entrance - this arbor would lead into my secret garden. I love it being white and the gate being surrounded by roses:).

Cottage garden - Rough fence (Permanently opened gate?), sunken path, feathery flowers

Top 10 Tips for Making Your Home Look Like a Cottage

Backyard inspiration

I would SOOOOOOO love our back patio to look like this.french doors leading out to a beautiful outdoor living area surrounded by a flower garden ((sigh)) Where are Yard Crashers?

54 Spectacular Garden Paths

54 Spectacular Garden Paths