Ancient Inca Stone Staircase. Looks like the cave.

Ancient Inca Stone Staircase

spiral staircase

Remodeling this gorgeous spiral step at a time! All the steps in the old houses amaze me!

This looks like the underground dwelling of the Tuatha de Danaan, or "Children…

Underground dwelling o/t Tuatha d Danaan or- "Children f Danu", mythological mother goddess o/t Irish Celts. Fairy folk like Leprechauns inhabit these places, particularly under th burial aka fairy mounds

Colorful stairs in Cordoba, Spain • photo: Di Gutti

Colorful stairs in Cordoba, Spain ~Wealth and Luxury ~Grand Mansions, Castles, Dream Homes Luxury homes


Repetitive Human Action Over Time

Well-worn steps of faith the soul-making way to God and true-self.