Such a genius idea. Fill a glove w/beans, pearled barley, etc, give a few pats with it and slip quietly away.

Fill a glove with beans, pearled barley, rice, etc.give a few pats and slip quietly away. Rated This was a LIFESAVER when my daughter was an infant. She went through a phase where she needed my hand on her back to go to sleep.

boys room.

Gentleman - LOVE THIS! Should be in every little boy's room. Good reminder for anyone helping moms and dads raise up little gentlemen as well. I want to have it in my girls' rooms too - so they know what they should expect from a boy/ this


How is it Possible that of all the Little Boys in the whole world ....We Got BEST ONES Vinyl Wall Decal

"How is it possible that out of all the Little Boys in the world. we got the best ones?" - Kids Room BEST LITTLE BOYS Nursery Vinyl Wall Words Lettering Decal via Etsy.

52 Things to Make Your Child Feel Great

52 Things to Say to Make Your Child Feel Great! 52 Things to Say to Make Your Child Feel Great!

Tween & Teen Boys Room

Tween & Teen Boys Room Decorating Ideas

Tween & Teen Boys Room Decorating Ideas - Design Dazzle I'd love to frame his old jerseys

80 gross motor skills for kids

80 + Gross Motor Skills Activities from The PLAY Group - "A huge collection of indoor and outdoor gross motor skills activities kids will LOVE.

Soda bottles!   Because lord knows Ollie will need this

Time-out hourglass stool that shows when timeout is over; the sand runs out. You can use clear soda bottles and a wooden bead in between. But for prom deco, not time out.

Moms and grandmothers love homemade!  At least, this one does!:)  Great way to show you care.  Gifts from the heart are great!

Mother's Day / Grandma / Father's Day handprint gifts made by your child from Creating Sarah - great DIY gift for Mom!

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