READING COMPREHENSION: Paste any text (or type a website address) in the textbox on the site and this tool will simplify difficult vocabulary in the text to help with reading comprehension.

FLUENCY: This post on helping struggling readers with fluency is directed towards K12 teachers, but the information is helpful for tutors of adults as well. There are links to suggested activities and teaching strategies.

This Reading Mama

VOCABULARY: Crossword puzzles are a fun way to learn new vocabulary. Generate a crossword puzzle for free on this website using your own list of vocabulary words.

DECODING AND SPELLING: Free, downloadable research-based 30-unit course on teaching reading and spelling for adults. Includes Lesson Plans, Teacher's Guide and Learner Activity Book. Suitable for intermediate level learners. A LINCS Publication.

READING COMPREHENSION: This site has many video lessons and exercises for teaching reading comprehension and vocabulary.

FLUENCY: Leveled reading selections appropriate for adult learners. This resource can be used for guided oral reading, fluency practice and improving reading comprehension. - Developed by the Marshall Minnesota Adult Education.

VOCABULARY: This video demonstrates how to explicitly teach vocabulary by encouraging learners to come up with sentences using the new words they learn.

COMPONENTS OF READING: Research based instruction for teaching adults to read from LINCS.

VOCABULARY: This video teaches how to use multi-sensory techniques to teach words with Latin roots, suffixes and prefixes for intermediate/advanced adult learners. This is a presentation by Christy Hendrickson at the 2012 San Diego Tutor Conference.