OMG his eyes !!

One of my eyes is pure blue, simple blue, safe blue. Lots of people have blue eyes so my right eye isn't uncommon at all. But my left eye is blue and brown and even green. People get made into slaves for eyes like my left eye.

Matt Grevers - USA Swimmer. He could show up on my doorstep and I wouldn't complain.

Original pin said this is Matt Grevers - USA Swimmer. I don't think it is. This man is GORGEOUS - the pictures I've seen of Matt Grevers. ehhh - he's okay.

Theo James

Photos: Theo James, Divergent Star, Plays Shailene Woodley’s “Real Man” Love Interest Vanity Fair

you are so beautiful

Liam Hemsworth graces the March cover of GQ Style Australia looking every bit the dreamboat. The actor – and boyfriend of Miley Cyrus – talks about missing his family, surfing, and his co-star Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games.

Matthew McConaughey

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Matthew McConaughey - he has become one of the greatest actors we will always remember. He is truly a sweet and funny and fine man.not to mention a smile and laugh to die for.

Morning coffee (39 photos)