50 PHOTO IDEAS TO TAKE WITH CHILD...possibly my most fav. photo website yet!

50 Photos to Take with your Kids Free Photo Checklist

These 50 photo ideas with a child are good and this pic is perfect! Faces, hands and feet make such cute pictures and this one is set beautifully with the white chair and flowers. Well done whoever is behind the camera!

photography tips for beginners

photography tips--Having a DSLR and never shooting in manual mode is like having wall to wall carpet in your living room when there are hardwood floors underneath! It's straight up crazy town! Your camera can do SO much and you CAN shoot in manual mode.

Understanding Basic Photography terms and concepts...LOVED This!!

Understanding aperture can really help improve your photography. The aperture controls part of the exposure. Get the right aperture and you'll be half way towards getting a properly exposed photo

Synth and upload your own photos - Photosynth #kyste2013

Synth and upload your own photos - Photosynth

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