keep soil in your flower pots

10 Uses for Coffee Filters

Make Potted Plants less messy. Line Flowerpots and planters with coffee filters to stop soil from falling through the drainage hole. Reuse coffee filters for this one, plus compost the grinds in your garden!

This is so neat! You put in your zip code, and it tells you what plants you should be planting now. You can even look ahead a few months to plan out your garden! AND it emails you reminders!! I love this!

Gardening Calendar- Enter your zip code and it gives you a week by week calendar when to start seeds for your area.

5 gal buckets with burlap and twine

Cover 5 gallon buckets with burlap and twine for a super awesome look! I love this look. I am going to plant the tomato plant directly in bag of soil and then put the burlap around as above. Cannot wait to try this idea.

garden door!  I love this

Old Doors in the Garden. salvaged door in the garden. I've seen them used beautifully as garden gates or as trellises for vines. Either way, I think they're completely charming and perfect for a shabby chic or English country garden.

Store seeds now, plant next year

how to collect and store seeds. Properly stored seeds in the freezer can last up to 10 years and can be planted while still frozen because they'll thaw quickly once in the ground.

Great tips for growing big luscious tomatoes

Tomatoes need calcium to achieve their full flavor potential. When planting tomato plants crush up (to powder) about 4 or 5 egg shells and put them in the bottom of the hole. Then plant tomato on top. They'll provide calcium and prevent blossom end rot.

Love this grid garden.

nice looking raised beds How do you make your garden grow? Here's an idea for a raised bed garden framed with wood and galvanized steel.

6 Steps for Planning Next Years Garden

6 Steps for Planning Next Year's Garden

Epson salt is a cost effective and well-reputed supplement for organic gardening.

Gardening with Epsom Salt - For potted plants, simply dissolve 2 tablespoons per gallon of water, and substitute this solution for normal watering at least once a month --article worth reading - gives lots of great ideas.

The benefits of WOOD ASH in the garden.

The benefits of wood ash in the garden

30 uses for wood ash ! Make lye water out of ash. You can boil spoons of ash (clean white/grey fluffy ash) with water and then filter it with a coffee filter. Lye water is a great cleaning agent and sanitizer for .

self-seeding crops

Self-Seeding Crops You’ll Never Need to Replant - Organic Gardening

Self-Seeding Crops You’ll Never Need to Replant. Manage these vigorous self-seeders so you’ll never have to buy seeds again.

Trellis Watermelon

How to grow watermelons: They do not like "wet feet" but they need at least an in of water each wk. You can trellis up watermelon plants, and once the plants set fruit, support the burgeoning melons with slings, which can be made with cheesecloth, nylon s

upcycle your garden!

Clawfoot tub planter with mosaic tiles. Or, just mosaic the clawfoot tub and still soak in it.