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State flower - Texas Bluebonnets

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 53 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 53 Pics

I can't stop laughing!

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I try not to judge because I'm quite screwed up myself. I love Lucy

bruised but not broken

AHHHHH COME ON! You can do it!!!!

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I love hearing someone elderly talk about their life. They are much more interesting to talk to than the majority of people my age//

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HA! Weird carryover from childhood.

funny quotes monsters under your bed - Dump A Day


Say it!

I did. . . it's a hard job but someone has to do it. . .

Finally Friday - 75 Pics to celebrate worthily - PMSLweb


Morning coffee (39 photos)

Don't judge me!

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And on that day... look out ;)

Eugene Ray Architect: May 2013

Dear auto correct funny quotes memes tv quote tv shows lol family guy funny quotes humor instagram quotes stewie

Dear auto correct

As long as everything is exactly the same as I want then I'm totally flexible !- vintage retro funny quote

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Good Afternoon Dolls! #JaeLuxeShoetique #shoetique #girlpower #tbt #fashionbombdaily #werk #shoe #fashionblog

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Anxiety Girl - able to jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound! Finally! My superpower has been named!

I immediately regret this decision


The Grumpiest Grumpy Cat Memes to Sadden Your Day - Snappy Pixels

No boss No long hours No alarm clocks...I love working at home

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Nothing has ever described me better!

Stuff from the Outside

Laugh, I did.

Master Yoda Speaks About Breeding ::

When you tell me to behave, you need to specify which behavior you want

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the unexpected moment//

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This explains me

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