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Hearty white bean soup- 7 c. It's delicious, inexpensive, and easy to make and leftovers are even better the next day. I made this in my Instant Pot (doesn't get quicker than that!), but I've also included slow cooker and stove top directions as well.

Baked ziti is a favorite comfort dish in my home! Adding spinach is a quick and easy way to get more leafy greens into your family's diet without complaints.

5 Easy tips for Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs.

5 Easy tips for Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs. Easter is right around the corner and pretty soon stove tops will be busy boiling eggs in preparation for dying.

To be completely and utterly honest... I am obsessed with this salad. like really (really) obsessed with it. So I just had to share with you!

My latest obsession is the Hillstone Kale Chicken Salad. The only thing better is making it at home, so here's the recipe so you can do just that. It's by far my favorite salad and absolutely healthy!