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Fun Kids Stuff

Fun Kids Stuff

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Dragon scale rainbow loom bracelet

Love this list from 20 moms!

Industrial unpoppable bubbles

Layer cheap plastic beads in cake pans (no lining required), melt at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Let cool & then flip them out. Drill a hole in it to make it a sun-catcher ”

-Sharpie marker on wax paper looks like stained glass.hmmmmm.....

Sidewalk Chalk Spray via

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Kids Kubby

Frosty having fun! Snowman handstand

Mix half Elmers glue and half shaving cream - it dries puffy like this.

This is what happens when you microwave a bar of Ivory soap! Then you can tear it up, color it, and mold it into shapes! It's not wet and messy, either!

DIY Rain Stick -fill a dry empty bottle with a box of toothpicks. Add rice (uncooked) to the bottle leaving an empty space of about 1 1/2 inches at the top. Seal the lid. As you gently turn the bottle, the rice falls through the toothpicks, sounding like rain.

Trace hands and feet and then fill in a self-portrait! So stinkin' cute!

Make rock kids science project ever! You get to eat the results!

40 Places to Take your Kids Before They're Grown - most are in the US--it tells you at what age you can take them too

Glitter Playdough! Be the coolest mom on earth (well you don't even have to be a mom) and make this galaxy playdough for a fun play date.

Water marbles! Crazy how a few kitchen ingredients will make these. Weird, I can't wait to try this!

Videos! Jesus Storybook Bible (our fave children's Bible) website has - weekly videos! Awesome children's bible!!

Movie Night Necklace--kids make it before the movie and snack during the show. Love this!!!!

How to teach great table manners

Next winter, if your area is below 32, go outside and blow ice bubbles The kids will never forget it!!

Painted bread (milk and food coloring) then toasted! One of my most FAVORITE activities!!!! :) I remember doing this at the babysitters when I was a kid!

Cool science experiment! Dissolve egg shell off with vinegar and it will become a "naked egg" that can bounce... how fun!

Awesome stocking stuffers: Poly-fleece filled with rice. Just pop these little cuties in the microwave for 30 seconds and then slip them into coat pockets to keep hands warm for up to an hour.

Handprint nativity. Poem on the back: " I used my hand to make a manger, a place for Jesus to lay. I'll use my heart so full of love, as a place for Jesus to stay."