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That's a Great Ideas

DIY... and tips

Easy Grill cleaning tips! Repin it for when you're ready to embark on the great outdoor patio cleaning day. Summer grilling season will be here soon. (hopefully!)

Brite Red Upholstery Fabric Paint. Stays soft, won't peel or rub off.

Staples will do "engineer prints" of a photo for $4.99, Plus $11 for foam board. I've done this. Love it

DIY chalkboard mason jar candle holders.

How to clean out old candle jars so you can reuse as cute storage containers for cotton balls, Q-tips, cough drops, etc!

Cut shoe boxes in half, along the length or width, and fill the resulting compartments with folded briefs, socks, or stacked bras.

Keep your instruction manuals and warranties in a binder with clear pockets; use tabs to separate appliances and gadgets by room.

I might die if someone did this for me...amazing idea. Open when you need to know how much I love you, open when you don't feel beautiful, open when you need a laugh, open when you miss me, open when you're mad at me, open when you need a date night,

$7 IKEA table - paint with chalkboard paint, cut hole, insert chalk bin.

Love these box cars made for a "drive-in movie" night!

Awesome pirate ship made around a cardboard box #DIY

25 rules for moms with boys - this one made me tear up, especially the last! Wow! This is a definite MUST READ!

1 c vinegar + 1 c hot water + 10 min microwave = steam clean! Totally works. No more scum, no funky smells. Easy Peasy!

Travel tip. Sew a few stitches on a towel and keep your toiletry dry. A fun gift idea, too. DIY.

Fill eggs with privileges instead of more sugar/candy.

"Calm down jar". it's amazing how kids respond to it!!!

This would make a meaningful gift tucked inside a tiny bag given to a special person in a time of need. This & a hug would really let them know I'm thinking of them. Now, if I could find Bible verses to go along with each point, that would be perfect.