1977 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser | Silodrome

1977 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

My first boyfriend's car! (Maybe not exact, but close! This one is a 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser

Fabulous plush organs...for when you want to cuddle with a kidney instead of a kitty.

Internal organ plush toys - I find this way more hilarious than it really is.

milk carton out of glass

Half pint carton coffee creamer container milk cream half and half kitchen

- It looks exactly like a milk carton but it is made of glass! - Glass Milk Carton Creamer brings funkiness to any style decor. - Everyone will get confused about how a milk carton can be made of glas

Haathi Chaap - Elephant Poo Paper - Freaking Fantastic!

Haathi Chaap, a company that specializes in turning elephant poop into stationary and paper products

95% recycled material!

BlueQ Lux Shoulder Tote I have purchased this bag twice and I may be ready for e third.