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Farmhouse Laundry Room Reveal

One way to completely revamp your laundry room? Pick out a bold color to anchor the space, and select more neutral tones and materials for the wallpaper, counters, and flooring. @huntedinterior designed this space to feature our new Electrolux Washer and Dryer pair in sleek titanium.

Have your delicates been taking a beating in your current washing machine? The LG Sidekick can help. This 1.0 cu. ft. capacity washer is perfect for making sure everything from your hand washables to your work out gear get the proper wash they deserve, while also preserving their quality. And when you pair LG’s Sidekick with the LG Twin Wash, you’ll be able to take care of another load of laundry while your delicates get cleaned. Shop our LG Twin Washers and Dryers now.

23 Surprising Laundry Tips You Didn't Know You Needed

Save time and energy by throwing a dry towel into your dryer with your wet laundry. | 23 Surprising Laundry Tips You Didn't Know You Needed