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I like the carpenters axe, carving axe, American felling axe, and the Northlander forest axe.


3 Tarp Shelter Designs to Know and Trust. because sleeping in Nature is just not something I want to do without a tarp.

7 Days of Backpacking Food. How to pack a lot of backpacking food into a small space.

When packing food for a multi-day backpacking trip, I try to keep the space it takes up as small as possible so I can bring a smaller, lighter weight backpack. While bringing highly caloric foods helps (over 100 calories per ounce)

backpacking/traveling meals

camping: Backpacking/traveling meals - vacuum sealing the contents will prevent moisture from getting in and spoiling your food. Takes up less space in your pack too!

The Bicycle Backpacking Bag

Taking a backpacking trip on a bicycle takes a special set of gear. Over on Pedaling Nowhere, Logan shares his gear list for a five-day trip through the North Carolina Appalachians.

Doggie Bug out Bag. Pets need the same things we do: food, shelter, water. Make sure Fido's prepared. We may think when the SHTF we'll just cut 'em loose, but who has the heart to do that!

Dog Bug Out Bag – Infographic. As I live in an area that can get hurricanes, this is not necessarily a silly idea. Also, not a bad idea if you take your dogs on longer camping trips either.

Bug out bag.

Bug out bag. Good idea to keep this in your house or car in case of an emergency. Especially during inclement weather. There is an excellent book by Creek Stewart called 'Build a Bug out Bag' that gives you great tips on building a customized BOB

19 Camping Hacks That Might Actually Save Your Life One Day | Outdoors Survival

Essential Winter Camping Hacks 19 Camping Hacks That Could Save Your Life In An Emergency. I dont go camping very often BUT these are some good tips for the tundra, aka Chicago, in the winter.

A tutorial on the paracord axe handle wrap.

How to make a paracord axe handle wrap - Paracord guild I want to try this wrap on a walking stick.