10 Must-Read Fiction Books

10 Must-Read Adult Fiction Books *saving this for later.,,the pact is my most favorite book EVER!


Faith in God includes faith in His timing. ~Neal A. Maxwell Hardest thing to accept, but this is the truth.

25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer

"Quiet people have the loudest minds." - Stephen King // 25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer

10 books that can change, or strengthen, your Faith - want to read these

In which I share 10 books that changed my faith - Sarah Bessey

Everyone should be able to read. It should be a human right and responsibility. I wish everyone could find something they love to read and revel in. How much more could we do as a human race if we all read and enjoyed it?

Book lovers Brett & Haley: Madeline's First Birthday: A Build-A-Library Party

20 Books You Can't Put Down For Summer Reading

Here are some great summer books that you can't put down. I've listed out 20 of my favorite books for summer reading

Get Shit Done, CHECK! mug I need this!!

Mug "Get Shit DONE" Aaron Levie

I have a surprising lack of coffee cups in my life. I have four, to be exact: a Christmas one, one with a sweater on it (for fall & winter), my everyday Colorado one, and the one that stays at work (handmade by So I could use some more mugs in my life!

Sophia, Italian Riviera. Italian fashion style.

How to Dress Like An Italian Woman

How to master chic luxe Italian style via This is an iconic photo of Sophia- Italian Riviera. The gorgeous muse behind Charlotte Tilbury's www.

Books to add to your must-read list.

"Books to add to your must-read list." I've read 9 of these---It must be time to look for the others! I have read several of these.