Christina Milone

Christina Milone

Christina Milone
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The Classy Issue

The Classy Issue

- Marriage rings are the jewel in common between him and you, it is the alliance of a long future and an age-old custom. Think about it, this ring will age along with you so why not choose the best, most beautiful and durable?

Southern perfection. This is hands down without a doubt my dream home, always has been, always will be. Nothing more, nothing less.

I love this front porch. A lowcountry cottage designed by Historical Concepts, award-winning architects who specialize in designing traditional homes. This white house with a deep front porch and black shutters exemplifies classic Southern style.


Genuine close friends would not ever let a disagreement get in the approach of their friendly relationship. They are not frightened to excuse and constantly eliminate.

If you can't be vulnerable and bare around the ones you love, then there is no real trust and you should move along...

Lucis: "I'm okay. I just need-" Evabelle: "I'm so sorry!" Lucis: "For what?" Evabelle: "For ever believing that was true.more stuff. Lucis: "I'm afraid if I start crying, I won't be able to stop." Evabelle: "Then I will stand here forever.