Celebrating Imbolc

From The Magical Druid, things for people to do to celebrate Imbolc even if they don’t have a local group to work with on the night. I wonder if that's why we've found ourselves cleaning out the house this weekend!

IMBOLC Candle Chant

Imbolc candle chant Happy Imbolc to my fellow southern hemisphere dwellers! x (via) - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Imbolc Meditation

Another page for a Book of Shadows: A meditation for Imbolc Ask a friend to read it for you, read it for a friend or record it & play back (Opening . Book of Shadows 11 Page 1

Imbolc marks the early signs of Spring, such a snowdrops and crocuses, and the lengthening of days. The lighting of fires and candles represent the return of the Sun.  We honor the Goddess Brighid as the waiting bride of the returning Sun God, and we celebrate a ritual of cleansing and purification.

Imbolc- celebrate Brigid who symbolizes high-rising flames, wisdom, intelligence, poetic eloquence, and healing ability; we’ll do a special ritual meditation to incorporate Brigid’s healing and creative fire.

Fylfot Corndoll by ~Thorskegga  a sun wheel or Brigid's cross (Imbolc, Feb 2)

Fylfot Corndoll by ~Thorskegga a sun wheel or brighids cross