Recipe Converter: How to Half and Third a Recipe

Recipe Converter: How to Halve and Third a Recipe

Havasu Falls, Arizona

Stunning blue waterfall ~ Dreamy Nature

Stunning blue waterfall ~ Dreamy Nature

Stunning blue waterfall ~ Dreamy Nature

Havasu Falls--just outside Grand Canyon National Park. Rated best waterfall hike in the southwest. Must do!,

Havasu Falls: the best waterfall hike ever

Havasu Falls, Arizona Travel Tips - One of the prettiest places in the world!

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Arizona Outback Adventures - Scottsdale, AZ

Arizona Outback Adventures

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ - Bet this would be great after a long day doing something more active!

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Paddle boarding on Lake Havasu, Arizona, USA I would love to go there!!!! It's on my bucket list:)

Timeline Photos - Beautiful places | Facebook

Forget Camelback: Try These 8 Underrated Phoenix Hikes Instead

Top 10 Arizona Hikes- I want to go to Arizona so bad! It looks beautiful.

Top 10 Arizona Hikes - Luxe Adventure Traveler

St. John, US Virgin Islands- Run by the Danish for years, the US purchased the Virgin Islands back in 1917, and ever since they've remained pretty under-the-radar for how gorgeous they are. St. John, however, is perhaps the best one to visit—there's not a single traffic light on the island, not to mention its secluded beaches, trails, fantastic dining, and plenty of beachfront properties available for lodging.

10 Amazing Little-Known Vacation Spots

Simply stated, the Upper Peninsula, with its incredible preserved land and friendly locals, is one of the very best (and oft-overlooked) outdoor adventure destinations in the U.S.

10 Most Underrated, Affordable U.S. Adventure Spots

How to get out stains using other things


How to remove every stain in the world:

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Ice vs Heat - there are always misconceptions pertaining to their usage for muscle and soft tissue injuries. Cold therapy is used immediately following trauma or after stressing an injured area. Heat therapy is used to heal injury through enhanced blood flow to injured tissue. #musclehealing #coldtherapy

When to Use Ice or Heat - Pain Remedies -


NYC Christmas Favorites

Distress paint using a candle... Cheap and easy!!

My New Paint Method

The Lettermate is an address stencil that keeps your writing straight and aligned, as well as letting you decorate your envelopes with hand-drawn designs.

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My Student Loans are GONE. I was able to pay off around $38,000 in student loans in just seven months. Yes, 7 MONTHS! #studentloans

My Student Loans are GONE

How to Prevent Overpacking

How to Prevent Overpacking

How To Teach Your Children to Keep Their Room Clean - These 5 things can make this difficult task really easy. |

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No more "I-won't-take-my-medicine" wars! This everyday sippy cup has a brilliant secret: a hidden medicine dispenser inside! Genius!----What a good idea!

Idéias geniais!

I wish my mom did this for me. File folders for K-12 to hold memorable school items and showcase that years school photo. I will be doing this! :)

26 Ways To Preserve Your Kids' Memories Forever

dry erase marker on washing machine as a reminder - why haven't I thought of this!!

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33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know ~ absorb shock and keep the glass in the frame with masking tape.

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