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The bench press is an exercise in which the lifter lies on his/her back on a weight bench, lowering the bar directly above the chest. Build Muscle, Muscle Building, Weight Benches, Bench Press, Powerlifting, Barbell, Weight Lifting, Fitness Tips, Things That Bounce

Do This For A Stronger Bench Press

It's Monday, international chest day! Good luck finding a bench for that Monday evening pump. Before you start though here's some tips on how to get the most out of that chest and how to maximize its potential. Photo by Raymond Williams Before you do anything you want to warm up your shoulders. Yes. The joints in your shoulders will handle the load so you want to make sure they are properly primed for every contraction. I like to use light dumbbells, 10 to 15 pounds and do lateral and…

No Magic Pill, Just Fitness: Men! I Challenge You! Fitness Men, Fitness Tips, Pills, Challenges, Magic, Men's Fitness, Fitness Man, Fitness Hacks

Men! I Challenge You!

Yo bro, I can squat 600 pounds. What up brotein. I killed my pecks today benching 400. Repping it out man. Nice! I'm slaughtering dead lifts today, 800 all day baby! I say to you all.....yeah, yeah, yeah. I challenge you to work out with a woman! That's right. I said it. You think you can kill the weights and kill the reps. I'd bet if you were to work out with a woman who is not into body building but general fitness, you would absolutely be humbled. That's right. Reason being, us men are so…

No Magic Pill, Just Fitness: How to Increase Your Muscle Power Muscle Power, Pills, Fitness Tips, About Me Blog, Advice, Magic, Exercise, Education, Excercise

How to Increase Your Muscle Power

Power is important for many functions in daily life it's not only met for athletes but for the non-athletic person as well. Now let's get something clear. Power is not to be confused with strength or muscle gains. Yes, power can emulate strength but power is defined as the ability for the muscle to produce maximum output in minimal time. That's basically saying that if you were moving a moderate to heavy load, you can do it repeatedly and quickly with proper form and technique with every…

No Magic Pill, Just Fitness: Professional Fitness Trainers VS Personal Trainers. Workout Gear, Workout Exercises, She Is Gorgeous, Glutes, Workout Programs, Personal Trainer, Fitness Tips, Trainers, Told You So

Professional Fitness Trainers VS Personal Trainers

It is highly unfortunate that our profession is being taken over by fly-by-night jocks and jock-ets who want to use their fit bodies and good looks to hit on clients. It's time to put a stop to that and give you the insight to distinguish the difference. This post is in reference to an Instagram (iG) post from Shah Cutler ridiculing an overweight woman in McDonalds making an order. I will also hit on other professional versus unprofessional trainer behaviors as well. I am completely…

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NFL Chance!

This would be unreal! I have a chance at being a fitness professional for the NFL! WOW! Check out my Go Fund Me campaign and thank you in advance for the support. click NFL CHANCE

New Year's Is Here The Best Is Yet To Come, Happy New, Fitness Tips, About Me Blog, Challenges, Magic, News, Fitness Hacks

New Year's Is Here

The Best Is yet to Come!

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Great News from CMFC Check out all our latest updates

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween yesterday. Remember to leave some chocolate for the kids!

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I Really Don't Enjoy Working Out

This is by no means meant to rag on myself, but I have heard people say many times because of my athletic build that I must love working out. Ha! Here's my documented answer.... When it comes to working out I enjoy three things, the longevity of improved health, the energy, and the long-term results from a good pump. That's it! Why? Ask yourself, who actually enjoys stressing their body to the point of pain? Who enjoys being so sore two days after training that it sucks to walk and do other…

thank you for putting your health first Fitness Tips, About Me Blog, Magic, How To Plan, Health, Salud, Health Care, Fitness Hacks, Healthy

thank you for putting your health first

50% off your 1st package!

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Give A Compliment

It is hard enough to know you are going to be in pain, stressed, and tired when sticking to a gym regimen. We look in the mirror and do our best to give positive self-talk but sometimes it's just not enough.... You clicked because you identify in some way to what has been said. Let me ask you this, how long have you been working out? Every time you look in the mirror you may say "I see a little something." Is that enough to keep you going back? That little ego in us needs to be stroked at…

No Magic Pill, Just Fitness: We Know What to Do. Just Do It! Just Do It, Fitness Tips, About Me Blog, Magic, Education, Fitness Hacks, Educational Illustrations, Learning, Onderwijs

We Know What to Do. Just Do It!

This post is more than just the typical speech about how to eat properly. Our eating habits go much deeper than that. So I will not give you a tongue lashing about why you should eat the right foods. I'm sure you already know! I'll take you back to the time when I was a kid at the dinner table. There was a daunting plate filled with food in front of my face that I broke a sweat finishing. Everything was finished except for those nasty orange rutabagas! My mother would then say "finish your…